Hi! You found your way to This week, I am going to experiment with blogs and publishing Android and iPhone compatible sites. While everyone has heard of the iPhone, some may have not heard about Android. Android is the open source platform from Google for mobile devices that is quickly building momentum in the mobile industry. I have been using it since May of this year and quite honestly, I like it much better than the iPhone for several reasons. I own a G1 from T-Mobile which has a trackball, slide out keyboard and capacative touch screen. I use RoadSync for my push email, Remote for my remote desktop connection and Documents to go and it is quite a powerful combination.

The Remote application is especially impressive. I can use the track ball as a mouse, I have a full keyboard and I can swipe the screen with ease to scroll to another area of the desktop. The software even mounts my G1 as a drive on the computer I remote into. Very impressive. What does all of this mean? Well, I run an E-commerce site Green Lighting Supply that focuses on green, energy efficient Dimmable Compact Fluorescent (CFL) and LED light bulbs. I can be on the road, see an order come through in real time utilizing my hosted exchange server, remote into my dedicated machine, process the order, generate a pdf of the packing slip and email this to my supplier.

Can this be done on an iPhone? Of course it can, but what makes it better on Android is that I have a full keyboard that makes typing so much easier and I have a trackball for the mouse - no guessing what you actually click on like the iPhone. Don't get me wrong here - the iPhone is an extreemely polished device, and the UI is incredible. The G1 is just better for handling these types of tasks.

Well - all for now. If you know me, you know I like to talk, so more to come later.